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5 Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are typically placed on the six to ten visible teeth in your smile. Some reasons to choose porcelain veneers over other types of veneers include:

  1. Ability to match the color of veneers to your existing teeth for seamless integration and a natural looking smile – You can choose a precise shade and color of porcelain veneers to improve the color of one or more stained teeth, usually in the upper jaw, giving you the desired smile.
  2. Minimal tooth removal – The placement of all types of veneers requires the dentist to shave down some of the tooth enamel to create room for bonding. But since porcelain veneers are considerably stronger and tougher than other veneers, very little enamel is extracted. This means that you experience little to no discomfort during tooth preparation.
  3. Preservation of the integrity of your teeth – Based on the previous point, it means that you can preserve more of your tooth structure, and your natural tooth is not weakened. Furthermore, bonding with tough porcelain veneers significantly improves the strength of the teeth.
  4. Adjust the size of your teeth – You can make subtle to moderate changes to your teeth depending on your unique needs. porcelain veneers come in thicknesses of between 0.3mm and 0.5mm, while conventional porcelain veneers have a minimum thickness of 0.5mm. Dental veneers allow for more flexibility.
  5. Increased durability – Traditional porcelain veneers are prone to cracks and chips because of their thickness. porcelain veneers are harder and thinner, offering superior durability.

If you are a suitable candidate for veneers, porcelain veneers will give you the most beautiful and natural appearance, and the longest lasting dental cosmetic repair available.

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5 Ways Dentures Can Fix Your Dental Troubles

The prospect of spending the rest of your life without a tooth, or with incessant pain can be a daunting one. Dentures are among the cheapest treatments that cover virtually all those minor problems you reckon do not merit spending a fortune for. Discussed below are simple ways through which dentures can fix your dental problems:

  1. The remedy for loose teeth

Apparently, you don’t have to wait until a tooth falls off to have it replaced. When your teeth shift around, it might be a sign you have advanced periodontal disease, which may sometimes call for tooth extraction.

Dentures are an excellent treatment for the restoration of your smile and your chewing ability. You might particularly consider them if you are in urgent need of a replacement.

  1. Replacement for lost teeth

Implants are arguably the closest thing to natural teeth, but they are expensive and may not fit in your budget. Dentures are cost-effective, less invasive and easier to remove and replace, which makes them a good treatment solution while you wait for a permanent solution.

  1. Replacement for rotting teeth

Extraction is usually the recommended option when teeth are too decay-damaged, infected or broken to be repaired using veneers, a crown or bonding. Extremely damaged teeth can cause chewing problems or result in infections such as sepsis, which can be fatal. Consider dentures if you need the extracted teeth replaced immediately.

  1. Gum disease treatment

Your teeth are at risk of falling out if you have gum disease that is characterized by deep pockets and a weakened jawbone. Sometimes your teeth have to be removed to save the damaged gum tissue. Dentures make for the perfect treat when it comes to this as you don’t have to heal completely to have it fitted.

Schedule a consultation with Smart Dentistry in Ocala today to determine if you are qualified for dentures. Contact our office at 352.620.0093 or fill out an appointment form on our website.

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Should You Remove Amalgam Fillings?

Amalgam fillings, which are made by combining mercury with other metals, have been used as a tooth filling material for over 100 years. But due to recent concerns about the safety of mercury, and the search for a more aesthetic material that requires less intervention, alternative mercury-free, tooth-colored materials have become increasingly popular.

Mercury-free fillings can be used to restore most kinds of tooth damage, including cracks, fractures, and decay – after removing the infection. These tooth-colored composites not only offer long-term safety but are also virtually undetectable and blend perfectly with your teeth, giving you a natural smile.

Previously, patients opted to have amalgam fillings in their back teeth because it’s stronger and more durable than tooth-colored materials. However, modern mercury-free fillings are extremely tough and can withstand chewing forces just as well as amalgam fillings.

But is it safe to remove and replace amalgam fillings?

The main exposure to mercury from dental amalgam typically happens during placement or removal of the fillings. Patients are mostly exposed to mercury by inhaling its vapor since there’s very little absorption via ingestion or skin contact.

Besides the risk of mercury intoxication, amalgam fillings tend to expand and contract more than the natural tooth with varying temperature conditions. This disparity increases the risk of micro-leakages when the silver fillings pull away from the natural tooth structure, creating a cavity that can trap food particles and bacteria, increasing the risk of tooth decay and potential tooth loss.

This means that it’s not necessarily a good idea to remove amalgam fillings and replace them with composite material, unless:

  • You want to remove them for medical reasons or allergic reactions
  • They’re damaged to the extent of forming gaps in the repaired tooth

If your amalgam fillings are in perfect condition, it might be a good idea to leave them intact. But it’s recommended that you consult a holistic dentist for professional advice on amalgam fillings removal.

To find out whether you’re a good candidate for amalgam fillings removal, please call us at 352.620.0093 to discuss your situation, or visit Smart Dentistry in Ocala, 34471 for a free consultation.

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Is Dental Amalgam Safe?


amalgam filling removal

Dental amalgam fillings are restorative materials used to restore teeth damaged by decay back to their natural function and prevent further decay. Also known as silver fillings, dental amalgam are used to fill dental cavities.

What is dental amalgam?

Dental amalgam is a filling material that is made from a combination of metals such as silver, tin, mercury, and copper. Dental amalgam is used to restore tooth decay but new materials like tooth-colored fillings are slowly replacing amalgam. Dental amalgam is popularly used because it is less costly and holds up better in overtime than other materials.

Is amalgam safe to use in dentistry?

Millions of people use dental amalgam to restore their teeth.  Concerns have been raised about the use of mercury in amalgam. The purpose of mercury in dental amalgam is to make the filling material pliable. This allows the amalgam filling to mix and press into the tooth as well hardening quickly to withstand forces of chewing and biting.

Accumulation of mercury in the body can lead to the occurrence of symptoms. Several studies have concluded that any amount of mercury released from amalgam filling in the mouth is possible.

In addition, allergic reaction to the mercury in amalgam might happen to some patients.

Ocala Holistic Amalgam Dentist

When you come for dental amalgam fillings teeth restoration at our office in Ocala, our dentist will assess your tooth decay and discuss the treatment procedure.  We recommend replacing amalgam fillings when they are broken, worn or when decay has developed beneath the filling.

Other teeth restoration alternatives we offer are composite resins (tooth-colored fillings) and porcelain.

Whether you would like to remove amalgam fillings or want to restore your teeth using mercury free fillings, we can help. Our dentist will assess your situation and help you decide what filling is best for you.

Why Choose Smart Dentistry for Dental Amalgam Filling in Ocala

Smart Dentistry is the leading dental practice in Ocala offering comprehensive dental amalgam fillings and removals in Ocala. We pride ourselves in offering the best quality mercury free fillings and care for all our patients.

Our dentists and friendly staff are committed to providing passionate dental care for you and your family. You can expect to receive high-level dental care performed under a comfortable, safe and welcoming environment.

If you’re concerned about dental amalgam, contact us today to discuss your options with our dentists.

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6 Steps to the dental implant procedure

dental implant

A dental implant is a prosthetic device that serves as a tooth root onto which a crown will be placed. Dental implants are among the most durable replacements for missing teeth as they are supported on the jawbone just like natural teeth.

Here’s everything that happens during the dental implant procedure:

  1. X-rays

X-ray scans may be performed to assess the health of your bone and whether it has enough density to withstand drilling. The surgery will proceed only if you’re found to be eligible.

  1. Impressions

Next, your dentist will take impressions of your mouth and send them to a laboratory for the fabrication of your crown.

  1. Tooth extraction

If the tooth that needs to be replaced is still in place, your surgeon will have to remove it first. Extraction is done under a local anesthetic.

  1. Implant placement

The implant will be fixed only after your jaw has recovered from the tooth extraction. That can be up to six months later.

On this appointment, your jaw will be drilled and the metal post placed into the hole.

  1. Abutment placement

The jaw will take several weeks to a few months to heal and fuse with the implant. Your dentist may not be able to determine how long this will take. You will instead be required to make frequent visits to your dentist can check if the implant has stabilized.

Once you’re ready, an abutment will be placed on the post to act as a connector to the crown.

Sometimes the abutment may be placed on the same day the implant is fixed.

  1. Crown

On the final appointment, the crown is attached to the abutment, and you’re done!

Get Your Dental Crown Today

A dental crown can help you forget you ever lost a tooth. Consider the treatment if you want a solution that will last as long as your natural teeth. Call Smart Dentistry at 352.620.0093 to schedule an implant appointment with one of the best dentists in Ocala, FL

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What are Mercury-Free Fillings?

mercury free fillings ocala

Our mercury-free fillings in Ocala restore your tooth rather than just filling. Schedule an appointment with the best mercury-free fillings dentist in Ocala today.

Unlike many dentists who use amalgam or silver fillings in their practice, we instead focus on the use of mercury-free fillings to provide you with the best quality dental care in Ocala.  Amalgam fillings contain Mercury, Tin, Silver and Nickel which allow decay to occur between the filling and your teeth.

The disadvantage of Amalgam Fillings

Another disadvantage of amalgam fillings is that the amalgam metal can contact and expands easily when it is exposed to cold and hot temperatures. This can eventually lead to a micro-leakage- a condition that happens when the amalgam fillings pull away from the tooth structure leaving behind space for bacteria to occupy and cause tooth decay. If micro-leakage is not treated on time it can lead to root canal.

Our holistic dentistry in Ocala specializes in the removal of silver or metal fillings and replacing them with safe and comfortable composite materials.

 What are mercury-free fillings?

Mercury-free fillings are tooth-colored composite fillings that are placed on your tooth to help restore the tooth that has been affected by decay, fractures or cracks. Mercury-free fillings are aesthetically pleasing and offer a long-term patient safety. They have bonding properties which help in restoring your tooth’s form and function by reducing tooth decay.

Modern mercury-free fillings are designed to withstand chewing forces and provide a minimally invasive dental restoration. They blend perfectly with your natural teeth enabling you to create a beautiful smile you desire.

The mercury-free filling is completely safe for anyone whether you’re a child or an adult.

We specialize in safe restoration of teeth using mercury-free fillings to enhance the integrity of your teeth structure and help you achieve the perfect smile you deserve.

Why Choose Smart Dentistry for mercury-free fillings?

At Smart Dentistry, we give your health and safety top priority. We offer a more individualized and dedicated mercury fillings removal dentistry that aims at ensuring your comfort and safety at all times.

Our dentists are specially trained to offer safe removal of amalgam fillings and replace them with the more attractive composite fillings. We use the latest techniques and materials to restore smiles of our patients.

When you come to Smart Dentistry for mercury-free fillings dentistry, expect to be treated with respect and high level of care. With our friendly and compassionate staff, you can rest assured that you’re on safe hands.

Schedule your appointment today

Our top-rated dentists are keen to discuss your dental care needs in Ocala.  Call us at 352. 620. 0093 to have one of our doctors examine your teeth and perform mercury-free fillings today.

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What Does Teeth Whitening Consist of?

teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening in Ocala

Of recent, the societal importance associated with white teeth is quite high. Eating food substances like wine, soda, coffee, tobacco, dark berries, and tea, our teeth will, at the end of the day, discolor your teeth. Poor oral hygiene can also result in losing your teeth’s natural white. The best way for you to get your which teeth back is through Teeth Whitening.

What Does Teeth Whitening Consist of?

Teeth whitening is a general cosmetic dentistry procedure that helps in improving the appearance of your teeth. Through teeth whitening, the enamel will be restored to its natural color. For your Teeth Whitening in Ocala, always consider the services of a dentist that has the right experience, expertise, knowledge, and also capable of delivering fast, and effective solutions. Dr. Sand’s dental office is the ideal option for you.

What we do

At Dr. Sand’s dental office, we are well aware of the importance of having a white set of teeth. Our teeth whitening procedures are aimed to make your teeth cleaner, whiter, and brighter. We are always ready to help you enhance your smile. Our teeth whitening procedure is known to yield effective results.

You can anticipate a noteworthy color change in the color of your teeth within a short period when you make use of our Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening solution. Our well-experienced dentists will be responsible for handling the procedure. They will make use of high-concentration peroxide gel to clean your teeth. Compared to over-the-counter bleaching pens, strips, or mouthwashes, this method is very effective. You will get back your bright, white smile within a short period.

Why Choose Us for Your Teeth Whitening in Ocala?

Dr. Sand’s Dental Office is always ready to help get back the natural white color of your teeth. Our team of dental experts knows how to provide an effective solution to your colored, stained teeth. We are always ready to provide you the ideal solution to change your teeth’s color to white. Each and every one of our methods is fast and reliable. Teeth whitening in Ocala done at Dr. Sand’s dental office is assured to whiten your teeth.

Get In Touch With Us

In case you will like to know more about our professional teeth whitening procedure, please contact our office. Our team of well experienced dentists are always on ground to answer all your inquiries.

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What is the Denture Process?

dentures process

A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and the gum tissue surrounding them. It is considered a quick and cost-effective solution to teeth lost through genetics, decays, accidents and gum disease.

The two types of dentures are full (or complete) dentures and partial dentures. The former is used when the patient has lost all or virtually all of their teeth while the latter replace only a few teeth. The level of damage to your teeth is thus what determine the dentures you will be given.

The denture process

Getting dentures is usually a non-complex procedure that anyone can qualify for. Unless you have teeth that have to be removed first, the denture procedure is quicker than dental implants and most other alternatives popular alternatives.

If you have no teeth removal to delay your procedure, your dentist will examine your mouth for signs of gum disease or any other infection to ensure you’re fully ready for dentures.

An impression of your affected arc will be taken using a dental putty which you will be asked to bite into. This mold impression is sent to a laboratory where your dentures will be fabricated.

Fitting and education on care and cleaning are offered on a separate appointment after the dentures have been received back by your dentist. Ensure you follow the guidelines to the letter to avoid complications and to maximize the longevity of your dentures.

Full and Partial Dentures in Ocala, FL

If you’re looking for a solution for your lost teeth without breaking the bank or waiting a year to smile again, consider getting dentures. Smart Dental invites you to pay us a visit at our office in Ocala and have your dentures fitted. Call 352.620.0093  today to schedule an appointment.

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Procedure For Mercury Free Fillings

mercury free fillings ocala

Mercury-free fillings are a substitute to the popular amalgam whose weight has been shown to be approximately 50 percent elemental mercury.

Too much exposure to mercury is known to cause kidney and brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis. The FDA regardless deems these fillings safe and advocates against stripping off amalgam that hasn’t worn out.

If you are skeptical of this advice, there are alternative fillings that are both mercury free and have been shown to last longer than amalgam.

Procedure For Mercury Free Fillings

Once you and your dentist agree that you need mercury-free fillings, your teeth will be checked for decay before the procedure commences. Any decay has to be washed off first. The tooth will then be reshaped using special tools to accommodate the filling.

Next, your tooth will be cleaned to remove debris and plaque that may hinder proper bonding of the filling material on its surface.

A rubber dam may be placed around the tooth to separate it from the rest of the mouth.

Your dentist will use phosphoric acid to etch the dentin and enamel of the tooth. Etching gives your tooth a frosted appearance, helping the restoration adhere to the tooth surface.

Next, a bonding agent is smeared on the tooth followed by a layer-after-layer application of the restoration. A high intensity light may be used to cure both the bonding agent and filling material.

The restoration is usually placed in excess so that it can be cut to be level with the tooth’s cusps.

Get Your Mercury Free Fillings today

Smart Dental offers mercury-free fillings and a range of other solutions to decay-damaged teeth. Call us at 352.620.0093 today to schedule a consultation with one of our qualified professionals in Ocala.

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What is Holistic Dentistry About?

holistic dentistry in ocala

Holistic dentistry in Ocala is a unique approach to dental treatment that attempts to improve the entire body by addressing the root cause of the problem rather than a symptom. Also referred to as biologic dentistry, alternative dentistry, and biocompatible dentistry, holistic dentistry in Ocala is the equivalent of alternative and complementary medicine for dentistry.

History of  holistic dentistry in Ocala

Holistic dentistry in Ocala deals with the unrecognized effects of oral health on your overall well-being. There are no set treatment practices, though most holistic dentists use non-toxic and biocompatible restorative materials that respond well to the chemistry of your body, as well as alternative techniques such as naturopathy, acupuncture, and homeopathy, among other minimally invasive procedures that don’t interfere with your body’s natural healing process.

This approach to dentistry is believed to have originated in 1800, with the holistic dental community being strongly opposed to the use of mercury-based dental fillings (amalgam), emphasizing the use of nonsurgical approaches to treat gum disease and the belief that endodontic treatment may trap dental bacteria in the body and endanger the patient’s systemic health.

Principles of  holistic dentistry in Ocala

As such, holistic dentists employ a preventive approach based on:

  • Proper nutrition to help prevent and reverse degenerative dental diseases
  • Prevention and treatment of dental malocclusion
  • Avoidance and elimination of toxins from dental materials
  • Prevention and treatment of gum disease

Patient treatment is individualized and follows the six components of biological based health care: biomechanical balance, bio-esthetics, biocompatibility, bioenergetics, biomechanics, and bioethical care.

The holistic dentist in Ocala  will provide you with all the information you need about your case so you can choose the treatment path that best suits you.

Learn More About Holistic Dentistry in Ocala

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