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Finding the Best Dentist Near Me

Surveys suggest that about half of the adult population believes that a smile is the most memorable feature in a first-time meeting. At a distant second is the first words spoken by the person (25%), followed by the person’s clothes … Continue reading

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What is Holistic Dentistry About?

Holistic dentistry in Ocala is a unique approach to dental treatment that attempts to improve the entire body by addressing the root cause of the problem rather than a symptom. Also referred to as biologic dentistry, alternative dentistry, and biocompatible … Continue reading

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  • I felt so at ease visiting this practice, the staff is attentive and easy to talk to. Great Experience!

  • After my first cleaning, my smile went from dull to radiant. Definitely recommended.

  • As a parent, I highly recommend this practice for taking care of my entire family‘s dentistry needs.