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With biological dentistry, the dental practitioner views your mouth as the gateway to your body’s entire health, and enlists your body and mind in its care and maintenance.

If you maintain proper oral hygiene, you are more likely to enjoy general good health and wellbeing. Biological dentists argue that your teeth are located along energetic pathways that are interconnected with different body parts. For instance, breast cancer patients often have dental issues that specifically target teeth numbers 2-3, 14-15, 20 and 29. Prostate cancer patients, on the other hand, often report dental issues affecting a different set of teeth, like numbers 7-10 and 23-26.

There are many more patterns linking specific medical conditions with dental issues affecting certain teeth. So biologic dentistry attempts to bring the teeth and mouth to good health and, in the process, relieve the patient of the corresponding medical symptoms.

Reasons to consider biological dentistry include:

  • Good oral health for improved overall health and wellbeing
  • Strengthens the immune system for better disease prevention
  • Identification and treatment of early stages of cavities and gum disease before they lead to oral infections
  • Reduces or eliminates your exposure to toxic metals or chemicals
  • The use of safe, natural, and effective approaches, materials, and technologies

The treatments used in biological dentistry are individualized to address your unique dental and health challenges and suit your beliefs.

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