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How a Cosmetic Smile Makeover Can Improve Your Smile in Ocala FL

cosmetic smile makeover

Many people can assess your mood and personality based solely on your smile, before saying a single word. If you have a dazzling, bright smile, then this will work well for both your personal and professional relationships.  However, a sparkling smile may lose its vibrancy over time due to discoloration, chips and cracks, decay, excessive grinding, and tooth loss. Fortunately, no matter the problem with your teeth, a cosmetic smile makeover can help to restore your dazzling smile through the right combination of cosmetic and restorative treatments. 

Your Cosmetic Smile Makeover 

Just as each individual has a unique look, each smile makeover has to be customized by a skilled dentist to address your specific aesthetic needs. A smile makeover can involve multiple procedures, depending on the health of your teeth and gums, as well as other factors such as your facial appearance, hair color, and skin tone. 

During your consultation, your dentist will work with you to design the ideal smile, and you will even get to see a smile preview of what you can expect your smile to look like, before any actual dental work begins. 

Some of the common problems that can be addressed with a smile makeover include:

  • Discolored or badly stained teeth 
  • Chipped or fractured teeth – the right procedure depends on the extent of damage
  • Straightening crooked teeth or a misaligned bite – depending on the severity and your age, your dentist will recommend the appropriate orthodontic treatment
  • Gaps between your teeth – can be closed to make your smile look more even 
  • Missing teeth can cause functional problems. Your dentist will recommend an appropriate tooth restoration
  • A gummy smile can also be corrected

Consult Your Dentist for a Smile Makeover 

A cosmetic smile makeover can change your life by simply improving the shape, color, size, or length of your teeth, or changing the appearance of your lips or gums to make your smile more attractive. 

Please visit your Ocala cosmetic dentist to discuss the best options to help you improve your smile. 

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